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1031 - 秦南琴
Jan 02, 2018 秦者情也,南琴者难尽也。
1029 - 吾乡
Sep 01, 2017 万里归来年愈少,微笑,笑时犹带岭梅香。
1028 - Conference Small Talks
Aug 30, 2017 Ah, small talks...
1027 - 《悲伤的问题》
May 23, 2017 独我大声独白 / 对峙这世界的微言细语
Singrench Lah!
1025 - 《在——尽头》
Feb 02, 2017 2009年秋天的旧作。追逐了这些年,“可是花依旧开在彼岸”。“在窗口看到的风景 / 又不能带去天国”
1024 - Swap Escape and Capslock in Sierra
Oct 02, 2016 Sierra is a nice update integrating Siri on Mac OS. But the latest system no longer supports key swapping previously achieved with Seil. Here is a quick hack.
1023 - 城市
Aug 27, 2016 城市于我是既陌生遥远却又驾轻就熟的一种“结构”。
1022 - Happy birthday, Linux!
Aug 25, 2016 Linux will turn 25 years old on August 25.
1021 - 《诗别欧洲》
Aug 21, 2016 这是话别离的欧洲/像梦呓似的悄悄/教堂塔顶静默地剑指天穹/戳破如练星空却忽然恐高
1020 - Finance Seminars at INSEAD
Jun 28, 2016 A summary of the finance seminar series at INSEAD for the coming academic year.
1019 - Twenty-ten
Jun 24, 2016 The twenty-ten-th.
1018 - Youth is a disease cured too soon
Apr 21, 2016 Quote of the day.
1016 - Which famous economist are you similar to
Dec 16, 2015 This website offers you a chance to think like an economist!
1015 - Uncertain Market Making
Nov 18, 2015 In any short period of time (e.g. 1 second), the presence of sufficiently many competing market makers is uncertain: Some might be subject to technology constraint, some might be looking for additional funding, and some others might be focusing on a different asset. What does such uncertain market making imply for trading?
Radar chart
Porte Fermée
1012 - Street price v.s. market price
Jun 26, 2015 I think this is exactly why we need a market.
1011 - Matplotlib in Julia
Jun 08, 2015 I have been working with Julia for a while. Although Julia is still a very young lady, her elegance has attracted many followers, me included. This post shares some of my limited experience of plotting with Matplotlib, my favorite plotting engine in Python, and now in Julia.
1010 - 《好想》
Jun 06, 2015 把从前最美的笑/都惦记一遍
1009 - Some thoughts on Albert's ``new liquidity measure''
Mar 11, 2015 Liquidity in financial securities trading is clearly an immportant issue. Albert Menkveld wrote in his recent blog a new definition for liiquidity measure. I think it is a nice idea and I try to reconcile the ``old'' and the ``new'' here.
Happy Spring Festival
A poem from the Matrix
1006 - Human HFT
Jan 14, 2015 We all know high-frequency trading, HFT, is mostly made possible by robotic high-tech computer programs. But it seems that there is another type: Human HFTs are spoofing our market! You, too, can become an HFT, well, as long as you have a fancy keyboard and some hot keys.
A geometry problem
1004 - A happy ending for 2014
Dec 31, 2014 2014 is truly an exceptional year for me. As it is now drawing to an end, let me share one more laugh-bursting clip. Happy 2014! Happier 2015! Whee!
1003 - 《关于风的故事》
Dec 21, 2014 那妖娆的一晃 // 想是灵魂的火苗
1001 - rsync with permissions
Dec 05, 2014 I am running ubuntu as a virtualbox guest, hosted on a windows system now.
1000 - 10K-th Day on Earth
Nov 09, 2014 That's right. It is my 10,000-th day after birth.
999 - Julia
Nov 02, 2014 As the saying goes,/俗话说,there is always something to learn in a brisk autumn afternoon./秋日午后,天朗气清,必有所学。 LOL/哈哈哈
998 - 丹白秋雨
Oct 16, 2014 何当共剪西窗烛?
Shades of darkness
996 - I totally agree
Oct 10, 2014 Hayek: It takes more than economics to be a great economist.
995 - The Ultimatum Game
Oct 09, 2014 Yes, I am an (neoclassical, if it matters) economist.
Streisand effect
993 - 《秋分》
Sep 23, 2014 秋天就此一分为二// 我向着更寒凉的方向张望// 亟亟望穿时间// 好把你的温柔盼来
992 - 同桌的你
Sep 16, 2014 凌,生日快乐。这能不能,勉强算是我迟到太久太久的纪念。
990 - 天涯共此时?
Sep 08, 2014 离开家乡之前,其实从不知道所谓的“天涯”究竟只有多小点地方。走了远了,终究共“不了此时”。
Take What You Need
988 - Hello (again), world!
Sep 07, 2014 My site based on WordPress went dead all of a sudden. Apparently it was a database issue. ``Holy crap'', my shout burst in the silence of the night. Saddened enough, I decided to switch to jekyll so here we go.
987 - Scientific writing
Sep 05, 2014 I have been ``engaging in'' MBA teaching this entire week. But let me not forget research. Here is an interesting piece, though fairly old, on scientific writing.
986 - 《心醉》
Aug 24, 2014 每当我想起你的时候 我的心是醉的
Jul 24, 2014 A lot of aircraft crashes recently. How sad! Now that I am about to take a flight, possibly over Ukraine, back to Amsterdam, I am prompted to think more about the trip. Shall I go? (Well, I probably have to. But the decision process itself is interesting to ruminate over.
984 - A tune
Jun 06, 2014 A tune that lingered in my mind all these ten years.
800.5 - 《路过纽约》
Feb 27, 2011 一切// 都装在四方的盒子里// 鲜艳的蓝色// 如同大海和秋天的空气// 你伸出纤纤的手// 抽出一张// 印着红桃的命运
501.5 - 《夜是湛蓝的》
Oct 10, 2009 每一滴雨里都有一架钢琴// 多瑙河// 摔碎的声音// 忧郁的歌// 像浓云背后的星星// 陨落、陨落